Guillotina dbusers

Store users/groups as content in the database for Guillotina.


  • add guillotina.contrib.dbusers to list of applications in your Guillotina configuration
  • install into your container using the @addons endpoint using dbusers as id.

Available content types:

  • User
  • Group


After installation, you will now have a users and groups folder inside your container.

Guillotina users holding guillotina.ContainerAdmin or guillotina.Manager permissions can add new users like

POST /db/container/users {
    "@type": "User",
    "id": "foobar",
    "username": "@foobar",
    "name": "FooBar",
    "email": "",
    "password": "foobar",
    "user_roles": ["guillotina.Member"]

You can now login to the container with the foobar user.

New groups are added likewise

POST /db/container/groups {
    "@type": "Group",
    "id": "admins",
    "name": "My Site Admins",
    "description": "My site's admins group",
    "user_roles": ["guillotina.Manager"],
    "users": ["foobar", "otheradmin"],


dbusers follows the same implementation as plone.restapi for managing users