AsyncIO UtilitiesΒΆ

Guillotina comes with some amazing utilities to make working with AsyncIO a bit easier.

Of those, Guillotina provides functions to run asynchronous functions in a queue or a pool.

For example, sending an email:

from guillotina import configure
from guillotina.utils import execute

async def send_email(to_, from_, subject, body):

@configure.service(name='@myservice', method='GET',
async def my_service(context, request):
        send_email, 'foo@bar', 'foo@bar', 'Hello!', 'Some body!').after_request()
    return {
        'foo': 'bar'

This will execute the function send_email in an asynchronous pool after the request is finished.

The functions execute.in_queue, execute.in_queue_with_func, execute.after_commit and execute.before_commit are also available.

See the full specification.