Starting Guillotina

Once you have guillotina installed, you can run it with the g executable that it installs.


Run the default Guillotina command g.


Which should give you output like:

$ g
No configuration file found. Using default settings with DUMMY_FILE db.
======== Running on ========
(Press CTRL+C to quit)

The g executable allows you to run a number of commands with Guillotina.

The default command is serve if none provided; nevertheless, you can explicitly run it with the serve command name as well.

g serve

The serve command also takes --host and --port options to change without touching configuration.

In future sections, you’ll explore other commands available.

Check installation

Open up Postman and do a basic GET against http://localhost:8080 with basic auth credentials for root user and root password.

Also, do a GET on http://localhost:8080/db.

Congratulations! You have Guillotina running!

Useful run options

  • --profile: profile Guillotina while it’s running
  • --profile-output: where to save profiling output
  • --monitor: run with aiomonitor. requires aiomonitor